By 1Charak2
#117512 I Saw the Katana unsheathed The kid's face was Racked with Fear. He was preparing to fight or run.

(Although i wanted to cause no harm). Fear Can make a Target Be very Very Dangerous.

I Disappear in a burst of Shadows and reappear beside the Kid. I knock the Katana Out of his Hands.

Are you Really that Stupid i ask him

By Lifegrasp180
#117525 I walked over to the necromancer and the boy. the katana had fell in the street a few feet away. I began running after it and picking it up
I then turned to the necromancer and threw sand in his eyes. i tossed the katana to the boy and then i grabbed the necromancer and threw him a few miles...
By 1Charak2
#117526 I hit a Curb.

But it was only about 200 metres or so Due to the the heaviness of my shadow.

I ran back. I appear behind the Sand man.
A impale his Shoulder with a shadow.
it goes right through.

Damage to the body is heal able but damage to the soul is only heal-able by the inflicter
I warn him that if he turns to sand he will die. his soul with crumble and he will die.

I walk over to the other Kid with his katana.

i tell him to not be scared.
My fingers Press the tip of the blade.

i see everyone whos died from it and who owned it.
i see his past life.
By Lifegrasp180
#117533 "My sand powers run much deeper in me than my soul boy". I told him. I then proceeded to demonstrate by transforming to my sand form and back. Every power I have is written in the very fibre of my being. I then realised he was too focused on touching the tips of the boys katana to notice. "Whatever" I said to myself. I then sat down on a bench and waited...
By 1Charak2
#117534 I see things a Letter.
a katana
a man
a school
the bullies
he was alone.
terminal sickness

I snap out of the Trance.
The sand man is sitting on the bench
I notice the Shard of Shadow still in his Shoulder.
I Sit next to him.
as i rub the sand. he throw in my eyes in my hand.

I see flashs i See memorys i see Shadow i see darkness.

I collapses on the floor In immense pain.
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By Burgy
#117536 All I saw was the necromancer collapse. I had no clue what my new ally had just did, all I know is he seriously screwed with the necromancer's mind.
"Hey, let's get out of here. You came here to avoid him right? Let's go to your safehouse or something." I suggest to Patrick.
He looks at me a bit confused and then gives the nod of reassurance.
We walk a little while back to his cave under the boulder. As we walk I note the streets are the same that I wrote down and we even pass the burger joint I ate at.
By 1Charak2
#117538 i wake up at least i think i woke up.
Their is a shadow poking at my face.
Go away. i ask it
It runs off whimpering

I saw only the most recent of Patricks memorys.
but that was enouth to plan my next move.

As i walk along The Streets I get closer and Closer.
to the hideout of theirs.
I reach the Boulder.
I senses a tiny fragment of my soul inside the sandmans soul.
i did this when my shadow impaled him.
I sense the 2 inside.
I push the boulder away.
and collapse In the entrance.
From pure exhaustion as the shadows moved lazily around me
By Lifegrasp180
#117541 The memories hit me like a wave. memories the necromancer could see.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME"! this was the moment i had first gained my powers. I was in a ruined temple of some sort, the vines and mold eating away at the stone that made up it's walls. In the middle of the floor was a hideous human-like creature made of sand...That was me. The voice had tricked me.
he said i would be invincible. i now know what he meant. my crumbling body was hunched over and falling apart. no words could describe thae despair and horror i was going through. i'm pretty sure if sand could cry i would be crying. I could once again feel the voice's presence in here with me.
"what do you want from me?" I said to the voice bitterly. "you've done what you could to me". No...I have not...the voice boomed. I have taken pity upon you... You have yet to reedeem yourself... "what are you talking about"? You can redeem yourself... Listen...Learn from the earth from which you are now made a part of...become strong...and wise.Then the voice left me... Many days have passed, i sat there in the cold unforgiving storm that were my thoughts. eventually i would calm down and try to put to mind the words i have been told, i one day started staring at a grain of sand i was completely bored out of my mind i wish that something or anything would happen...maybe if that grain of sand moved or something that would be more interesting than what i was doing now...then the grain of sand moved, not too noticeably but enough to make out that it moved. I couldn't feel a draft that would make the grain move. i then tried something focusing on the grain of sand with my full attention. "Rise" i commanded the grain. the little grain then shot up and landed again... it was the day's passed my hope grew more and more...
By Lifegrasp180
#117542 ( dang it i didn't realise we were in real time until i posted.)
I point out the boy's room in the cave and i then i went to the kitchen to restock the shelves, then i looked back at the boy and asked "by the way what's your name"?
By 1Charak2
#117544 I Crawl on my Stomach further into the tunnel my strength leaving me

i was a idiot i overexerted my self 4 days without rest and then using a hunk of necromancy in 5 minutes.
I get to the Door I knock on the old mustydoor then faint