By Lifegrasp180
#117572 I began to cook hamburgers on the grill and i see the necromancer wandering around.

"well look who's up". I said to him.

(those pictures are very cool burgy. :D )
By 1Charak2
#117573 *hm i wonder as i look at the shadow*
(i slowly feed it necromatic energy)

i hear a voice A Voice its Telling me to run to hide to take to kill to kill TO KILL i resiste

I run outside. i see A Dark energy Sweeping across the land.
Everything in sight is dying and as everything does.
My true power emerges for a secound.
i flicker from being a grim reaper to being back to human.
the Shadows Lick round my feet.
I rush back inside. and pull out my silver dagger.

This will only protect us for a hour.
I Cut my left arm.
As the blood spills on the floor
I Mix it with the shadows to start the blood magic.

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a sheild is form outside made of life energy
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By Burgy
#117574 "Damn, that escalated quickly..." I say dumbfounded as I watch the necromancer use it's blood to form a sort of bubble around himself

He's so powerful I thought to myself
(And thanks! Almost done)
By 1Charak2
#117575 The shield expands to encompass the whole hideout

We have one hour isay as i stand up
By Lifegrasp180
#117576 "so basically we're sitting ducks?" I said. " well if we only have an hour to figure out how to keep us protected longer then let's get moving.
I ran to my study and began taking books off of shelves. and placing them on the research table.
I begin absorbing all the knowledge i can from these books. trying to find an idea...something that can get us out of this mess.
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By Burgy
#117579 I noticed that Patrick was frantically opening books and... absorbing them?

"I really don't understand what is going on here..." I thought to myself. So I sat on the ground, placed my Katana beside me and started meditating.

By Lifegrasp180
#117590 (It's so freakin' cool good job!)
I closed the book, i found what i needed...
I stick my hand out and sand poured up from the ground and into my hand, forming a smooth stone about the size of my fist.
I then took a small carving knife and began to carve intricate runes into the rock.
I spoke the incantation required and the stone began to glow.
smiling I run ouside to the edge of the protective bubble that was just beginning to fade.
and i chunk the glowing stone at it...
From where the stone hit the bubble a glowing circle moved outward until the whole barrier was covered.
I walked inside and said "well that'll certainly give us more than an hour, a LOT more than an hour.
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By Burgy
#117596 Whilst meditating I felt a change in the presence around me. As I open my eyes I see a yellowish glowing circle covering the blood red sphere, almost as if it's constraining it.
"What did you do?" I asked Pat "And how'd you know how to do that?"
By 1Charak2
#117689 Rune magic Good job.
but we are still stuck here.

i know a way to get out But You probably won't like it...