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By majesticmadman98
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The Concept

- A fully fleshed Pokemon RPG within Minecraft

- Utilizing mods such as pixelmon and custom npcs to form the mechanics

- A new, unique, custom region

- Every NPC to have a unique look and dialogue (Well bar Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny etc. who will have unique looks per reigon)

- Many Easter eggs

The Description

The region I'm designing is a custom region never seen in Pokemon before, with it's very own professor, characters and even it's very own bad guys. It will have the main story as well as small side quests that grant players rewards to help them on their Pokemon journey. Each settlement will be made to be unique, with their very own designs that incorporate the pokecentres and pokemarts.

WIth no access to custom pokemon, I'm trying to make the pokemon you find on roots a unique combination. Not every pokemon will be accessible in this region, as the long term idea is to slowly add the lore pokemon regions kanto-kalos.

The Progress

The Intro

A Pokemon style intro, with our very own Pokemon Professor.

Little Oak Town

Little Oak Town is the starting town, it has 4 buildings and a training field for battling. The pokemon lab is a small cottage located on a hill where you can get your first pokemon. And everyone's mum is at home if they feel they need a rest.

Route 1

Route 1 is a short route where you can catch 2 different Pokemon, collect a potion from that poor clerk and find a hidden chest.

Great Oak Town (Based on Nocturne Town by CallMeGav)

Great Oak Town is the second town the player will visit, where they get to register for the pokemon league with plenty of easter eggs and unique npcs, hidden items and NPC pokemon (NPC Pokemon aren't catchable they're used to add character to the world)

See the Gallery on the Minecraft Forum

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By majesticmadman98
#185280 How Can You Help

Are you a good city builder?
I need a city making, the city will be called irondepth city. It needs to have a pokecentre and pokemart, however these need to be in theme with the rest of the city, if you want to have them in one building thats fine too. The whole city needs to feel together so try to stick to a theme but build each structure with some variation.

The setting is going to be quite a rocky area, however dependant on the build will depend how it's excute because I'm after creativity, so if you wanted to build it into a quarry or a mountain then that'd be cool, but be as inventive as you can.

Number of buildings need to be greater than 8

Are you a good Forest Trail builder?
I need a forest trail (Like veridian forest etc.), it will also need a name which is open for suggestions it's located between Irondepth City and Great Oak Town (I don't really feel "The Great Oak Forest") Only requirements here is that it is mostly is "roofed" and made of Oak/Dark oak.

Are you a good Voice Actor or Know one?
I need voice actors to bring the characters alive (More will come as progress continues):
Main Characters:
-The Professor (Female)
-Parent 1 (Female)
-Parent 2 (Female)
-Parent 3 (Female)
-Pokemon League Official (Male)
-Pokemart Clerk 1 (Male)
-Pokemart Clerk 2 (Female)
-Kayley (Steel Gym Leader) (Female)
-Nurse Joy (female)

NPCs (One or two bits of dialog):
Samwise Gamgee (Male)
Logan [Wolverine] (Male)
Harley Quinn (female)
Punk (male)
Prue (Female)
Slater (Female)

*I know there are a lot of female characters at this point, I will try to balance it out as development carries on.