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By Kymeraa
#201613 So I am just curious if it is still a decent idea to create a Pixelmon server? Since it is officially not being made anymore. Been working on one for a long time now and finally would have time to bring it up if so...

Also pros and cons please.
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By tridaak
#201614 Since distribution of pixelmon is not allowed, it goes against minecraft eula to have a pixelmon server (since its hosting a private mod). However, people still run pixelmon servers and break the eula in many ways, including selling items, unbans, ranks, commands, etc.

I also had a server that was getting ready to open, but pixelmon shut down before I could. Worked a lot on it and put many hours to make it... abandoned to project once I heard news of the C&D.

Pros: Whatever comes with running a pixelmon server, less competition
Cons: Possibility of being blacklisted by MC, declining userbase (with pixelmon gone, less new people will be introduced to the mod and affect the number of new players to pixelmon servers)

Personally, I looked towards the possibility of making a pokecube server instead, there's only like 2 or 3 pokecube servers and with pixelmon getting shut down, there's been a lot of new people using that mod. However, for me, pokecube was too different from pixelmon and developer doesn't have a team like pixelmon did to develop the mod, so adding a lot of stuff I needed for my server to work like it did in Pixelmon wasn't possible and just backed up the project till a future date.
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By MoeBoy76
tridaak wrote:Since distribution of pixelmon is not allowed, it goes against minecraft eula to have a pixelmon server

This is false, it's fine to play or host a server as you aren't distributing anything
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By tridaak
#201617 "Furthermore, Pixelmon servers is now against the Minecraft EULA, which means they are succeptable to being taken out." ~Andwhat

It's something I had read on "Its been a great ride" so asked andwhat about it.
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By AnDwHaT5
#201634 Indeed I previously said that as its what I was told. As the situation unraveled more and I was given more information, the information I had previously given was completely incorrect and invalid. Moe is correct on this occasion.