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By Johndoe007
#203638 WELCOME!~~~ My Name is John Doe and this is my pixelmon server. I pride myself in making a non pay to win Pixelmon server. There will never be any pokemon for sale or crates with garbage loot rolls for Pixelmon on my server. 100% free to play.

The Spirit Animal Networks Pixelmon Server. Friendly Staff. Pixelmon. Modpack.
You can find the modpack on Technic. Search for TSA Pixelmon Network.

Available Commands for Default Users:
/Tpa, /Sethome (3 for default users), /Ivs, /Evs, /Eggsteps, /Pc, /Enderchest, /Kits, /tradesim, /Warps (ACCESS TO ALL WARPS)
Can Claim land with a Golden Shovel given in /Kit Daily or /Kit Starter
/Warp Wild or /Rtp to get Started!
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By XpanD
#203639 Welcome to the site!

If you haven't yet, I would recommend joining the main Discord (link to the right) and advertising there as well -- it's a bit busier than the forums. It may also be worth applying to the Reforged Servers Discord (link pinned to #server-support) for the latest downloads and specific support channels.

Good luck with the server!