By claystille
#203719 Hello, fellow Pixelmon trainers! It is the ideal vision for most trainers to have that one special partner Pokémon that follows them around and really bonds with that trainer. Friendship already exists in Pixelmon, necessary for pokemon such as Riolu and igglybuff. But friendship is such a bland thing and cannot really feel personal besides feeding them a berry and walking around with them.

My suggestion (if it is possible) is to give players an option to right click and get a "pet/praise/feed" option for their Pokémon, maybe it gives them a temporary xp boost and increases friendship (but you can only do it once a day or something). And to display the current friendship/bond between the player and that pokemon, maybe include a visual affinity meter.

My goal is to make Pixelmon feel more like that most authentic pokemon experience yet, and I just know the pixelmon team could pull it off.

Does anyone agree? Thoughts?