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By AaroNautilus
#203835 Greetings all, and welcome to my post.

I have a simple question, or at least I hope it is simple. I play Pixelmon on my own just for some fun, and want to run commands like /pc, but apparently Standard Pixelmon doesn't come with those? I have the latest Pixelmon Reforged and the recommended Forge version, but whenever I run those commands it just says that command doesn't exsist.

So is there a way to get these into my game? I would love to know how, because eventually I plan on creating a small server for friends and myself to play on and knowing how to do this for myself will give me an idea how to do it for a server.

Thanks for the help, and have a wonderful time!

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By XpanD
#203836 Welcome to the forums!

/pc is from Pixelmon Extras, which should work in both single- and multiplayer. You can grab that from the Downloads page on this site. Just drop it into the "mods" folder, and it should work whenever you next start the game.

This page has more info: ... _Extras#pc

/sethome is a bit more involved, as that generally comes from Nucleus, which is a server-side (Sponge) plugin. You might be able to run that by dropping in SpongeForge (match your Forge version) and the mod itself, though it will likely not work well. A local server with SpongeForge + Nucleus + LuckPerms (and Pixelmon Extras on that side) would be the way to go, there.

Here's a guide for that: ... stallation

Once you have that set up, you should be able to play on there as if you were playing in singleplayer. You will need a somewhat beefy PC to run both the server and client at the same time, though.

If you require further help, it might also be worth joining the Discord from the box to the right. That's where most of the community discussion is at, and replies might be a bit quicker there, especially for smaller questions.