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By Farentino
#203838 Hi, I have some issue with my server.I want to use Pixelmon Extras to let's my friend check EV&IV but if they aren't OP they can't use command

How can give them permission to use command without OP ?
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By XpanD
#203839 You would generally do that through LuckPerms, which is a plugin running on top of SpongeForge, which itself runs on top of your normal Forge install. We currently recommend SpongeForge build 3392, which was made for Forge 2705.

Throw SF and LuckPerms into your "mods" folder, and then restart the server to activate them. You can then configure LuckPerms with your own preferred groups and permissions, and put users in those groups. Check out their wiki for more information! They have a pretty good guide explaining the process.

If you need further Pixelmon-related help, the Discord (link to the right) may also be worth joining. It's generally a fair bit more active than the forums, and replies are often quicker, too.