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By JoltLiz
#203897 So I went to and attempted to download the mod... however, my antivirus identified the URL it redirected me to as a threat. I really would like to get this mod but I'm not willing to take the risk of getting malware as a result.

Here is what I did (putting brackets around the . and : for safety reasons, remove when copy/pasting URL) : --> clicked download--> http[:]//turboagram[.]com/4xUk-->briskgram[.]net--> Antivirus blocks the site

Can this be fixed? Is there anywhere else I can download the mod?

This warning may have resulted from the place hosting the download also being known for hosting other malicious downloads, thus it is blacklisted? I think it should really be put on CurseForge or something so no redirects to sketchy sites would be necessary.

~JoltLiz :)
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By XpanD
#203898 The base download page (a common redirect service, dunno why they use the shady domains -- guessing it's for getting around site filters) should be safe, but the ads on it don't always behave right. If this happens, there shoooould be a report option somewhere from what I've been told.

I'm not a huge fan of having to use these services myself, but they do help cover costs. If the site still doesn't work for you, shoot me a PM (preferably on Discord, not sure if I'll see it here) and I'll get you a direct link.