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By YtHaarKih
#203928 Simple as the title states, it would be nice to have additional options for the NPC Editor to to become a even more powerful tool for map creators, such features as;

Custom_RP and Custom_PN support for Chatting NPCs and Doctors/Nurses.
Custom Shopkeepers in the UI with editable stock and Poké-Dollar values. (I'm aware you're able to edit the JSON files for this same effect however this adds much more convenience)
Removing the automatic dialog/Pokémon changes when changing the NPCs skin/type (Chatting NPCs, Custom Shopkeepers and Trainers), Add a "Refresh Button" that allows you to still have randomly generate sets without removing what you have custom-made when changing.

These are a couple I'd love to see as future features to both improve the utility and user-friendliness of the tool.