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By Rahnza
#203930 I spent 50+ balls trying to catch a Rayquaza without success so I decided to look into things.

Apparently in Gen 6 I would have had a 11.762% chance of catching it. Using the formula on the Pixelmon Wiki, I had about a 0.0576% chance of catching it.

Why are these formulas so drastically different? Shouldn't Pixelmon be using the normal Pokemon catch rates?
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By XpanD
#203931 Thanks for the post. I'll pass this along to staff, not too familiar with it myself.
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By Rahnza
#203932 I'm no expert either, I just looked up the formulas and tried to plug in some numbers to compare them. So let me know if I made any mistakes, but it seems like the Pixelmon formula is always going to give a significantly lower catch rate than a gen 6 Pokemon game.
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By happyzlife
#203933 Thanks for the report, but could you provide some more info on how you obtained that result? What kind of ball were you using, how low was rayquaza's health, and what was his status?
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By Rahnza
#203935 I used the formula here:

Health was about 10%, paralyzed, and dusk balls at night.

So plugging in those numbers (estimated Rayquaza's HP at 240):

(3×3.5×1.5) (1 - 2/3×24/240) = 14.7
14.7 / 255 = .0576

The wiki doesn't really explain what it does with that number, so I'm assuming it's a .0576% chance since that's the result, but that seems insane so maybe it gets multiplied by 100 for a 5.76% chance? If that's the case then I just got extremely unlucky, which is possible.

Rayquaza's catch rate was apparently increased from 3 to 45 in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, although apparently it's still 3 in Pixelmon. I'll stick with a catch rate of 3 for this.

The thing is, the catch rate formula the game uses, assuming Bulbapedia is correct, is completely different than Pixelmon's. For example, the status bonus is multiplied at the end making it a lot more important. Dusk ball's catch rate is 3 instead of 3.5.

1/720 (672×3×3) = 8.4

That then gets multiplied by the paralyze bonus of 1.5 for a 12.6% chance to catch. The online calculator I used is coming up with 11.76% so I'm not sure where the discrepancy is. Maybe my HP estimate is bad, I'm not a Pokemon pro.

Math is definitely not my greatest strength so let me know if I made any mistakes here.