By LeapingRiolu
#203951 So from what Iv'e seen, there's many special skins out there for your Pixelmon by doing certain tasks. However many of them are custom, and only three, being Spiky Eared Pichu, AZ's Floette, and XD001 come from actuall Pokemon sources. Im suggesting more custom skins from official Pokemon media enter Pixelmon, such as Crystal Onix or the Pink Butterfree from the anime, or Primal Dialga or Purple Kecleon from Mystery dungeon. There's many alternate colored Pokemon out there that Pokemon has created, and would fit nicely within the system Pixelmon has made.
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By wop0911
#203968 Once all main line things are taken care of, there could be hope for some extracurricular stuff. Don't hold your breath, but cross your fingers.