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By L0rdSeb
#203981 My internet has been horrible these last weeks, reason why I have dedicated myself to playing pixelmon in a single player.

For more technical minecraft players like me, it would be cool if when you toggle vanilla minecraft mob spawning on, pixelmon villagers would also acquire the function of spawning iron golems.
I'm aware that currently pixelmon villagers are not configured to spawn iron golems, and that if you want some, you would not only need to turn on mob spawning, but also switch the pixelmon villagers for regular vanilla villagers.

Therefore it would be cool that if you turned on vanilla mobs, pixelmon villagers would also be able to spawn iron golems which would allow you to build, for example, iron farms, without having to change anything else.

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By XpanD
#203993 Thanks for the suggestion. I've passed this along, and will see where things go. No guarantees, though! (there's a lot of other features that currently have priority, but maybe this is just a simple switch somewhere)