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By WillSmith
#204108 Ultra beasts aren't spawning at all and i've been in the ultra space for at least three hours so i think something just went wrong.... It might be that i'm using other mods (listed below) as well but that just seems weird to me as other pokemon (and legendaries) spawn just fine, also in ultra space.

Mods I'm using:
CodeChickenLib, CoFHCore and CoFHWorld
Cucumber and Cyclic
Inventory tweaks and Mouse tweaks
iron chests
Mystical Agriculture
Redstone Flux
Refined Storage
Simple harvest
Simple storage network
Thermal Dynamics, Foundation and Expansion

Are any of those mods known to bug in combination with Pixelmon or could there be another problem?
Also, i use pixelmon 7.0.3 and forge 1.12.2-

Any help is appreciated!
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By XpanD
#204109 Ultra Beasts are very rare, and generally need a lot of space. 3 hours does sound like a lot, but it might just be bad luck. Try clearing some space (trees can block spawns!), and verifying whether they can spawn through "/checkspawns".
By WillSmith
#204110 Oh wow those chances are lower than I thought.... i saw a comment on a video saying they were really common but that might have been an earlier version or something but yeah they can spawn there.
Thanks a lot :-D
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By XpanD
#204111 Yeah, we had a few broken spawns in early versions of 7.0. They're still being tweaked a bit, but the days of being overrun by thousands of Pheramosa are gone. :P
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By Tr4pD00r
#204203 I checked with the /checkspawns command and cleared plenty of space,

Celesteela's average spawn percent appears to hover around 0.02%

If this is right, this technically makes it more rare than the default shiny chance (1 in 4096 is slightly just above 0.02%) - so as an experiment, I cranked the spawn rates up as high as they can go before it causes Minecraft's FPS to tank, and then left the game running for a few hours.

I found 3 shinies in that time and Celesteela has yet to spawn. At this point, I'd like to believe Ultra Beasts being "rare" is a severe understatement. :P

If you have the option to breed 2 Dittos for random Pokemon, that's by a wide margin the more likely way to actually obtain the Ultra Beasts.
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By XpanD
#204206 Ultra Beast spawn rates are still a bit of a work in progress, we're tweaking things as we go. I'll pass this post along to the team, may help there.
By inkyquartz
#204435 this issue still persists, ultra beasts spawn rates constantly fluctuate from 0.33% to as low as 0.00x % and its pretty dang bad, i've caught a lot of rare eeveelutions and other pokemon that way rarer than the blacephlon im looking for in this sunflower plains + flower forest, the land is flat, trees and mowed and ive even built dirt ledges over the void where it says its still sunflower plains/flower forest
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By XpanD
#204437 There is currently a bug where spawns require a bunch more space than they should, which should be fixed for the upcoming version. Blacephalon specifically may also be getting a slightly higher rarity, as it is indeed very hard to get right now.