By ValentineBlaze
#204492 now before you go and say you can already do that... I am meaning individual pokemon spawning. like giving people to manipulate the spawns of each pokemon themselves. so giving a bellsprout more of a chance then it use to type thing or say I use BOP and make mess with what biome they can spawn in. and if its already available I am sorry ive tried searching for how to and cannot find it. cause I saw the gen spawning settings but no individual. but if its not possible I understand
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By SKy2008
#204493 You can customize pretty much every aspect about spawning (and much more) via external JSON files.
To get them you need to set the "useExternalJSONFilesSpawning" option to "true" in the config. It will then generate a "pixelmon" folder in the base directory (parallel to folders like "mods", "config", "logs", etc) that has all spawning files in their default settings. Edit those and apply the changes either by restarting the game/server or by using "/pokereload" ingame. You can use the "/checkspawns" command to see the resulting spawn rates.
We are using location types and biome categories in our spawn files. If you want to customize (or just check out) those, activate the "useBetterSpawnerConfig" option as well. That will generate the BetterSpawnerConfig.json file under "config/pixelmon".

If you have questions about this it would be easiest for you to join our Discord server and ask in the "#spawner-support" channel.