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By BarbarianMatt
#204538 With the system of legendary spawns we currently have, especially in servers with low amounts of user and/or single-player worlds, the best way to get a legendary is to sit in a biome and wait till a message about its spawn appears. Since Pixelmon spawn relatively close to the player, with a default value of 26 blocks away maximum reported by the config wiki page, that means when a legendary spawns in the biome your in, all you have to do is like turn around and its there. For legendary pokemon, that system is quite boring and doesn't promote fun gameplay, all you have to do is wait and be lucky. That is why I think the system should be changed where in legendary pokemon spawn much further away compared to normal pokemon. After spawning, they would have a set time limit before despawning wherein you have to actively search for them. This incentivizes knowing about the surrounding area and gives a challenge for players as they attempt to find a legendary before it is too late. That is why I think distance-based legendary spawning is more rewarding and fun compared to the boring and much more luck based system we have now.
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By SKy2008
#204539 The timer based spawning is intended as a temporary method until the devs get around to implementing individual methods for each legendary (think bird shrines and timespace altar). I don't expect too much work to go into improving it.