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By SunsetLover
#204426 just realized Volcarona isn't mountable after raising it's level to 59 :/
(but somehow the tiny Emolga is mountable lol)
probably there are also other pokemons that can learn fly but isn't mountable too.
(sorry if this was already suggested before, I couldn't find search feature in this website)

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By Flashback083
#204432 Hey, open your pixelmon.hocon file
enable useExternalJSONFilesStats line
restart your server
go to yourserverfolder/pixelmon/stats
open the pixelmon you want to edit with a text editor
you can modify the rideable
"isRideable": false,
"canFly": true,
"canSurf": false,
Then /pokereload and youre done !
By Jirt
#204433 Mudsdale and Mudbray also aren't rideable, something that's a smidgen away from being a crime against humanity.
EDIT: Ah, uh, just looked at their json files, they are rideable. The wiki page I read didn't mention them.