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By Vescal
#204763 Welcome to the PokeDream Pixelmon Server!

Hey, if you're looking for a great server driven with passion for Minecraft and Pokemon, you're in the right place! We're a Pixelmon server that is always looking at things from a player's perspective! Bring your friends and check us out!

Check us out at
Join our server with
Hang out with us on discord at
Requires Forge and the Pixelmon Mod installed to join.

Our server features:
✦ [NEW] Gym Leaders get to build their own gyms!
✦ Survival
✦ Kanto Region
✦ Weekly Events
✦ Custom Content
✦ Quality Support
✦ Unlimited Homes
✦ Keep Inventory Enabled
✦ NPC Shopkeepers
✦ Safari Zone
✦ Live server chat
✦ And more!

We look forward to meeting you on the server! :-)

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By Vescal
#204771 Player Gyms are finally here! We are now accepting all gym leader applications. For now it’s only Kanto gyms. Elite Four and Johto gyms will be released in the near future, so if you made an app for that, it will remain on pending for now. Please check out #gym-applications for more information about gyms and how to apply. To teleport to the gym, do /gyms and click on the badge.
By dancemaster
#204812 Starter Showdown
All players get 3 starters of their choice. One has to be water fire and grass. Also one will be their 1st stage, like charmander, another will be 2nd stage, like Charmeleon and the last will be 3rd stage, like Charizard.
No bag items
No mega stones
No Z-Crystals
1st - 1 legend key and 1500 gems
2nd - 1 shiny key and 1000 gems
3rd - 1 epic key and 500 gems
Date: 14/2/20
Time: 4pm EST (Subject to change)

Drop party
Everyone will come to the party room and items will come from the floor. What you get you keep, it can be anything from a red apricorn to a golden bottlecap.
There are no rules!
What you get you keep!
Date: 15/2/20
Time: 5pm EST (Subject to change)

Battle Dome
Everyone is in a giant box and a fight to the death! There is a 10 minute grace period where people can gather resources after this whoever is the last player standing wins.
Inventory must be empty when starting
No killing or hitting in the grace period
No commands such as flying
1st - 7500 gems
2nd - 5000 gems
3rd - 3000 gems
Date: 16/2/20
Time: 4pm EST (Subject to change)
By Demon18J
#204829 Hey everyone, I hope all of you are having a great day. I have some really exciting news, gyms are finally back! All of your previous gym badges from the old gym plugin will be transferred over to the new plugin. If you have defeated any gym leaders after the old gym plugin was taken down, unfortunately you will have to get an Admin or the gym leader to
assign you the badge manually
as they were not transferred over.

In other news, Demon18J is now our new
Staff Manager
!! This means that he is going to take care of all application related things as well as managing staff and gym leaders. I see a lot of potential in him and he is definitely going to make the server more enjoyable for all of you.

There are some really cool updates coming this week, so be sure to look out for that! I hope you guys have a great time. Come along and play.