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#204988 seems that Boss Pokemon cannot drop the following Z-Crystals:
    Decidium Z
    Eevium Z
    Incinium Z
    Kommonium Z
    Mimikium Z
    Primarium Z
    Snorlium Z

Correct me if I'm wrong but I did a lot of testing for that and this seems to be the case.

So the question is WHY those crystals cannot be dropped by Boss Pokemon while the others can?

How can someone possibly get a Kommonium Z? Finding a Kommo-o... an Ultra Rare spawn... ONLY during Dusk/Dawn and expect it to drop it with just 5% chance? Rly?

This HAS to be reconsidered in the next update guys.
Either the chance to drop it has to be increased or make those Crystals be dropped by Bosses as well.