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By UrGirlMinecraft
#205036 Since I've played on Pixelmon, i've noticed that there are npc's for specific buildings (Shopkeepers for PokeMarts and Doctors/Nurses for PokeCenters) but the one building that has been left out was Daycare Centers!
I've been thinking about the way Pokemon X and Y do there daycare centers! Maybe we can leave out the breeding part, but keep the leveling up part? Like if we were to go place our pokemon in the Daycare center, and leave it for a certian minecraft time frame, the pokemon you leave could level up!
Yes, there should be a limit to how much leveling you can do.... I think the leveling should stop at 3 minecraft days: 3 minecraft days = 30 levels, and u have to wait 24 real hours to use that pokemon again?
Ill leave it up to you guys, hope this is a good idea! <3