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By Arch57
#205026 Is there a reason dittos dont spawn in the wild? Besides letting servers change a ridiculous amount of money for a extremely useful Pokemon. I would like to know if there is a legitimate reason. All the people that were remotely interested in Pixelmon refuse to play when they learned you cant catch a ditto. And they and I might feel better if there is a legitimate reason.
#205027 Ditto can be found in the wild while catching other specific Pokemon. There's a small chance that they will transorm into a Ditto upon catching. Other methods are Cloning Machines and failed Meltans.

You can find more details here:
By Arch57
#205028 The problem we all have with that is the odds are ridiculously low. 0.005% doesn't sound bad until one realizes its about 1 in 18000 of that happening. (which means you are 3 times more likely to die in a car accident than get a ditto) Which is so incredibly low there is really no point on counting on that. Also it is just ridiculous that the other options are to catch legendary Pokemon to get a Pokemon that arguably the most useful Pokemon in the game. Which has made the players of our community that breed completely disinterested in Pixelmon. Also just for context ditto had a 41% spawn rate in soulsilver with no problems.
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By SKy2008
#205029 The Coning Machine has the best odds to get a Ditto. It is guaranteed from a cloning process, unless you manage to roll the chance for Mewtwo - which I doubt anyone would be sad about.
By Arch57
#205031 Not to sound angry (im just talking for my discord) the odds are still low. As you have to not only catch a legendary Pokemon. Its has to be a specific one.

Edit: we did some number crunching. The odds of catching a mew on the server we used to play on was still pretty poor. First off the legendary has to pick you. So 1 in 80 which is fine. But there are 5 legendary it seems that can spawn in the same biome that mew does.
So that gets us to 1 in 400. Or 0.25% . Which is still dreadfully low compared to all the Pokemon games the has been made. Also we assumed that there was a 100% chance of catching the mew and a 100% chance of getting a ditto form the machine and that the player spend all of their time in the right biome. We didn't factor in the legendary spawn fail rate either. (like the terrain being incompatible). Which all lower the odds.
By HulkDeath
#205040 Hello,

So is there no reason for this? I never knew ditto was so hard to find until I read this. I'm glad I haven't put to much time or money in this mod yet. I would hate to catch a Pokemon with a crazy low spawn rate and have to find it again, and in the other gender to breed it. Instead of catching a Pokemon that has always had a high spawn rate. And seems to be as rare as a legendary now for some reason. So is there a reason for this?

Thank you,
Hope to get a response
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By SKy2008
#205053 In most of the original games, Ditto is rather rare and/or can only be found in end game locations. That combined with Ditto lore and PGo mechanics gives our Ditto spawns. Plus it makes sense for one of the - if not the - most sought after Pokémon to be rather hard to obtain.

That said, if you disagree, there's always the possibility to adjust its spawns using the External Spawn JSONs on your game/server.
By Arch57
#205059 We would have to disagree. End game in not really accurate. Looking at all the games that Nintendo made the average level of dittos found is only 32. Not what id call end game. There are one or two that require a item to find the would make ditto closer to a end game Pokemon but even than it more accurate to say ditto is late mid-game.

We also have to disagree with the idea: making one of the most sought after Pokemon hard to get makes sense. Legendary Pokemon are one thing. In the games you can only even find one, which makes them extremely rare in the games and hard to get. And the Pokemon that have sudolegendary stats are also rare (more rare than ditto). This makes sense. Ditto sees so little competitive play that its listing is"untiered" (in other-words no play). And and every game Ditto can be caught to harts content and more often than not easy to find. In fact in HeartGold and SoulSilver ditto can be found on the same route as the daycare.

Long story short, diamonds are rare and that makes sense. Iron is not rare but iron is very sought after as though not the most powerful its the most useful. And there is a reason iron is not more rare than diamonds, as if that was the case it would be extremely frustrating and unreasonable.
By bence
#205060 @Arch
Hey what you are saying is super true. and there are some servers that make the spawn. Its still stupied low but hey I thought i'd tell ya. Its still stupid low like .1 or something but.
hey if you and your group there make a server and change junk like the ditto spawn for the better shot me a invite if you dont mine