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By Nhox
#205255 Hello, I made a small server on the previous version of Pixelmon (7.2.2) which I just updated to 7.3.1.
I have two questions :
-First, what are the structures added in the new version that would be randomly generated in the world ? From the changelog, I think the "Ilex Shrine" might be one but I'm not sure what the spawning conditions are and if there are any other.

-Second, if this "Ilex Shrine" is indeed a randomly spawned strucutre, it currently is not listed in the "/struc list" command. Will the command be updated in the future so we can spawn the new content ?

I am asking these questions because I don't want to reset the server's world which already has been explored quite a bit, so if I want new structures to be part of the world, I was thinking about spawning them manually.


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By SKy2008
#205269 The Ilex Shrine is not a full structure, but a placeable multi-block you can find in the creative menu. From what I've seen it can generate in any forest biome - still needs formal confirmation from the devs though.