By timbermoon
#205344 I think it will be nice if they where added it will help make battles more interesting like you could have a Timid Weavile that has a "sturdy body" Characteristic that might help it to last a bit longer then other Weavile in battle.

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By SKy2008
#205345 From what I gather the characteristics are purely to indicate the highest IV, so only flavor? Might be added in an eventual rework of the status UI, I guess - but I don't think it fits anywhere as it currently is.
By timbermoon
#205351 form whit I can find your are sorta right about that it is the highest IV but that doesn't mean it highest Iv possible just the biggest number out of the Ivs

example: a eevee with 2 IVs in hp, def, att, 0 in sp. def and sp but 6 in sp. att so seans the sp. att has the highest IVs the characteristics is "Mischievous"
By timbermoon
#205363 sorry it was just hard for me to tell what you meant will I guess I suggest 2 cosmetic thing then I'm guess one day there going to be a cosmetic update becues alot of people are ether suggesting that or "quality of life stuff" <---I hop I used the right wording of that.