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By Mach
#205366 Pixelmon has issues with too many pokemon fighting to spawn. I think this problem could be halved with certain blocks that are designed to spawn pixelmon at you, while others spawn in the overworld much like sword and shield. Tall grass has already been suggested, however I think this should be applied to all biomes.

In all grassier biomes, tall grass should spawn in patches, which slow you down noticeably, but not as badly as soul sand. in the middle of these patches could be a reward, which would create motivation to enter them.

A new type of stone called burrowed stone, would help elivate the issue of pixelmon not spawning underground, as they can spawn if you step on this type of stone. Also imagine the trolling.

Mountains could have snowier snow that has the same effect.

Other biomes could have patches of different coloured sand.

And whirlpools could be added to the oceans and other bodies of water.
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By Hwk1901
#205422 there is already a Pixelmon grass that acts as tall grass in the games, but having it change sprite to match the biome would be awesome