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By Uzaak
#205339 I'm currently working in a new Pixelmon map and I'm having trouble understanding how to create the Better Spawner config file. I have auto-generated the file and have read the Wiki-related documentation, but it lacks more basic and straightforward examples.

Say, for instance, I want the area from x=10,z=10 to x=20,z=20 in my map to spawn Rattatas during the day and Gastlys during the night. Is that possible? How do I do that?

I am currently using Pixelmon Spawner blocks for that, but Better Spawner feels like the right solution. I just don't understand how to use it yet.
By Uzaak
#205378 Thanks, that plugin actually makes life easier in a lot of ways. I was indeed looking for ways to make a pokemon uncatchable and to add moves. But where is the code? This github repo only has releases and a Readme file... no code and no branches anywhere. Are you the maintainer?
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By ElementZero
#205380 No I’m not the maker of the plugin that would be FlashBack who can be found in the Pixelmon Discord. And under Assets of the version you want has the .jar for the plugin.