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By Mach
#205575 Due to pixelmon having a weak endgame I suggest adding Herobrine as either a super boss or the champion. To make this fight feel special I suggest his team being a made up of Herobrined version of pokemon. (I.e normal pokemon that have their stats automatically boosted by a stage and have their eyes whited out.) His team is 100 across the board and serves to be a final challenge.

To summon him i suggest the classic method of a gold and netherrack altar set on fire.

My suggested team make up. ( (H) for herobrined)
The same starter you chose (H)
Gengar (H)
Cofagrigus (H)
Hydragon (H)
Lyanrock (Moon) (H)
Darkrai (H)

In the end he drops a spoil of riches and whatever else the dev team thinks would be an interesting reward.