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By barkietrin7
#205577 Hey guys,

A couple month ago we started a small friendly pixelmon server. There is no age limit, but we are mature, friendly, and trusting.

Players have branched out from spawn, built towns, and we now have a full Pokémon league with gym leaders and elite four!

The server is slightly modded, with simple things like quark, natura, biomes o plenty, mostly just world stuff. We are small and chill, so we run democratically. We vote on server suggestions, etc.

We are starting to build more of an economy, players and setting up player shops, and we are working on a battle frontier. Lots of fun stuff!

If you are looking for a chill, mature, non P2W survival experience, you are welcome to join! We are always looking for more players, and if anyone wants to build a gym and become a leader, there are always spots opening up. No applications or anything needed, we run off of trust.

If you are interested, let me know! I will provide a discord link so you can check it out. Anyone is welcome, assuming you are trustworthy and mature!word counter VidMate Mobdro