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By Mythlacar
#205603 My fiance and I were playing pixelmon together and she found a blue Onix, we were initially confused because the shiny is yellow, but then we realized it was the crystal Onix from the show.

Obviously, I had to catch it, but now my question is this: will he remain blue if I evolve him to Steelix? I really enjoy steel pokemon, and love having a Steelix in my party, but Im worried if I evolve him he might just become a standard Steelix and not be that gorgeous blue color. I googled and looked at the Pixelmon wiki and didnt see any mention of blue Onix, so I figured I'd ask here.

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By SKy2008
#205606 It will evolve into a Crystal Steelix, yes.
There is supposed to be a Crystal Mega Steelix as well, but there is currently a glitch with special textures and temporary forms like megas that may end up removing the special textures - so better hold off on that for now.