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By cristomike2
#205581 There's been a lot of togekiss in safari games lately. I've been looking at the pixelmon roster for a counter. Unfortunately I could only find chansey/blissey.

Help me find a counter to the common togekiss set

Air slash thunder wave fire blast aura sphere

By Crip
#205609 H.A toxic orb Gliscor is a very viable counter to togekiss, as it is ground and flying type and can stall togekiss and even kill it in most cases. It is immune to thunder wave.

Gliscor's H.A is poison heal, which allows gliscor to heal 1/8th (iirc) of it's hp every turn when it's poisoned, if matched with a toxic orb, gliscor can get poisoned the 2nd turn it is out.

this is a common set I sometimes use.

Gliscor - Careful // 252 SpDef // 252 HP // 4 Def -- Item: Toxic Orb

Knock Off

start off with protect, after you get poisoned you can either stall with toxic or go with knock off, roost when lower than half-hp and rinse and repeat.

only things you need to look out for are hidden power ice and ice type moves as most of them can OHKO gliscor.