By Mirividual
#205835 I genuinely love Meloetta, and its a huge disappointment to not be able to see her Pirouette form out of combat, like you can with megas. Just add Relic song to the list of Move Skills and allow it tranform her into her second form. Its not the biggest deal in the world, but I'd love to be able to see it out of combat, and have her follow me around in my Pixelmon adventures.

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By xXxCH45Y8U11xXx
#205838 Great idea!
This could also apply to other pixelmon as well such as Ash Greninja, Resolute Keldeo and Zen Darmanitan
(As well as any others that I missed/am unaware of.)
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By SKy2008
#205841 Greninja can change forms outside of battle already and Keldeo will always be Resolute form when it learned Secret Sword. It's a permanent form.