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By fapdos123
#205916 The way regional evolutions like Alolan Exeggutor or Galarian Mr. Mime are obtained get very mixed up and confusing over time because of people that don't know which are Galarians or which are Alolans, so my idea of improving their evolution methods is changing the "having an alolan/galarian form in the party" method to a method based on biome and time.

Alolan Raichu: Evolve Pikachu in a beach or oceanic biome during any time

Alolan Exeggutor: Evolve Exeggcute in Jungles during any time

Alolan Marowak: Evolve Cubone in Mesas during night

Galarian Weezing: Evolve Koffing in Swamps during Day only if it isn't raining

Galarian Mr. Mime: Evolve Mime Jr. during any time while knowing Mimic in Freezing biomes
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By SKy2008
#205919 I'd change Exeggutor to beach as well. Not many coconut palms in your typical jungle.
And for Weezing more like close to a burning furnace maybe? According to the dex, galarian Weezing became a thing due to human pollution.