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By DerShendi
#206058 Ive got a problem with perms in pixelmon
i have a server and ive added Lucky perms and edited the perms so everyone can use comms like /evs and /iivs on the server (pixelmon extras is on the server) ive done everything and yet still noone except me can use any pixelmon commands
Please help ive been suffering for almost a week now all i know is pain of being unable to use simple stuff ive looked at every tutorial on the world yet noone seems to have the answer please send help
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By LordSamosa
#206059 Hi there. Can you please send the exact command you used to apply the permission to people? Full command including the node.
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By XpanD
#206063 What is your role setup like? Are your players in a role that isn't Default, and if so, does that role have inheritance from Default?