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By CrackaG21
#206185 Hey this is just a wondering question as it is not explicitly stated in the "Legendary Pokémon" information page. Im currently hunting for a Mew and I need to be in a Jungle M biome, which I Ultra Space. My question is this:

Do Legendary Spawn in Ultra Space?

ftr: I do know the difference between Legendaries and Ultra Beasts

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By uiop2100
#206212 Legendaries do spawn in Ultra Space as long as the Biome fits. I believe all the environmental spawners (Bird Shrines, TS Altar, Ilex Shrine, etc) also naturally spawn there but I can only confirm for the TS Altar. They'll work anyhow though. Same for the Cloning Chamber. Tidal and Clear bells may be finicky if used in a dimension you aren't currently in though. Meltan's ore-based spawn works as well. Can't confirm if Zygarde Cells spawn there.