By Jaizor11
#205517 Hello, sorry for make the request here, and I can understand that now the priority is the 8th generation, but I have seem that some models have been remaked and rest only 5 models that need to be remake because it seems to be made by blocks like in pokemon quest.

There are this:
- Drowzee
- Hypno
- Doduo
- Dodrio
- Magmar

I have been cheking the rest of the models of all generation and (thanks to the last updated) this are the last that have this apparience. When I see that models I feel very shocked comparing with the really good quality of the others models.

I would like to help you out with the modeling but I don't have computer skills.

Finally, I would like to give my congratulation for the fantastic work carried out in this game, is superb.

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By LordSamosa
#205518 Remodels aren't exactly priority, our small modelling team is focused on Generation 8. However if you, or someone else, would like to assist with modelling/animations, feel free to DM Rasgnarok#6969 on Discord.