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By SparkyDaPikachu
#206222 First off, this is NOT a message to the Pixelmon devs/staff themselves. Y'all are likely working on Gen8 as first priority, so don't worry.

This post is for ANYONE who is willing to help update any of the outdated models in this mod. This is merely a list of pokemon who's models are still either "blocky" or "polygon-ish", and dont fit in with the most recent models. I will try to keep this list updated to the best of my ability as they are called out.

The following Pokemon "models" still need updated:

- Jigglypuff
- Wigglytuff
- Gloom
- Vileplume
- Doduo
- Dodrio
- Drowzee
- Hypno
- Magmar

- Igglybuff
- Bellossom
- Stantler

- Plusle
- Minun
- Tropius
- Wynaut
- Spheal
- Sealeo
- Walrein

- Shinx
- Luxio
- Luxray
- Pachirisu
- Munchlax
- Magmortar

- Sewaddle
- Swadloon
- Leavanny
- Cottonee
- Whimsicott
- Dwebble
- Crustle
- Emolga
- Joltic
- Galvantula
- Litwic
- Lampent
- Chandelure
- Golett
- Golurk

If anyone (both staff & non-staff) have noticed any other outdated models via Gen 1-7 that are within the "current public release", please do make note of them here so i can update the list for people who are willing to help update them.

NOTE: This does NOT include progress of stuff behind the scenes. The list only provides info on models that are outdated within the "current public release", emphasis on the PUBLIC.

And TO THOSE WHO WISH TO HELP! If you, or someone else, would like to assist with modelling/animations, please feel free to private message Rasgnarok#6969 on Discord. Or apply to the modeling team by filling out this application form:
Make sure to describe your skill level and link examples of your work.

P.S. I made this post specifically for those who don't even know where the actual list is (like myself), if there is one.

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By SKy2008
#206234 Please don't create these kinds of posts before checking in with the actual modeling team. In some cases, models may have already been worked on and only need texture/animation or even just the last touches.

If anyone wants to help out, please apply to the modeling team by filling out our application form:
Make sure to describe your skill level and link examples of your work.
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By SparkyDaPikachu
#206273 I'm only using what other Staff and Users have commented and/or stated on other parts of the forum (like the Discord contact for example, stated by LordSamosa on a similar thread), tho i will put that application in the post as well. Also, i already stated in the topic that said list doesn't include progress that's already done behind the scenes, and only includes stuff that's within the "current public release".

But for the record, you guys would be bugged about this stuff a LOT less if yall just made the progress sheet viewable to the public. Nobody would need to feel the need to go "such-and-such pokemon still needs worked on" if they knew it was being worked on already, and there wouldn't be a need for users like myself to make their own lists like so. Tho that's just my opinion on things.

I can understand if the "help wanted" sign is a bit too much, but I'm just trying to make things more notable to the public.

EDIT: Dislike this post however you want (you know who you are). This list was made for the public view, not just for the staff themselves.