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By Mackinz
#206401 I have been playing the Pokehaan Craft modpack recently and having a blast. I love tech mods and Pokemon, so mixing the two together is amazing. Or, rather, it should be. Pokemon is a series with a lot of behind-the-scenes technical stuff. Many Pokemon simply wouldn't exist without humans and technology, and while Pixelmon adds a bunch of machines to access certain features like trading and fossil revival, there is no way to automate the creation of Pokeballs. In a mod featuring Electric-type Pokemon, why is there no compatibility with other mods that provide a source of electricity/power like Thermal or Ender IO, etc.? Why is our best option to burn Coal?

Apricorns are annoying to farm, and have limited compatibility with mods that add ways to automate farming. Why do you have to manually hammer Aluminium into plates to make a Computer? Nothing has EMC values?

Pixelmon is about catching all of the Pokemon in the world, but various other mods can and will add to the Pixelmon experience if given the opportunity.

There are a lot of mods out there, so I suggest starting with compatibility with at least some of the most popular mods out there.