By Xizzzy
#206481 This seems like a tiny change but if you go from needing 6 trips to needing 5 trips through pages to move pokemon I think this is a very good quality of life change. There really isn't a good reason to keep one pokemon on your team bar at all times. He's not saving seats for the others is he? Swapping out whole teams is less of a weird musical chairs as well. It is just smoother when you can take all the pokemon off your belt and put them where they need to be without that weird rule holding you back.

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By SKy2008
#206486 Not having any Pokémon on the team would lock you out of many Pixelmon interactions and may allow players to bypass trainers, like in gyms or on servers/maps. To allow moving all 6 out of your team, we'd have to lock you in the PC GUI until you have at least 1 mon - which is something no MC GUI does and may be a bad in case of danger or other situations where you'd want to instantly close it.
By Xizzzy
#206487 You can already bypass interactions by having a fully fainted team. If that is the reason you'd need to lock the GUI then there is no reason since you can already bypass them at least in sp.