By DiamondDX
#206507 Update Ultra Space
! (all ultra biomes consist of new blocks and have new structures as was done with ultra deep sea)

new biomes and locations:
Ultra Space Wilds
Ultra Megalopolis
Ultra Plant
Ultra Ruin
Ultra Crater

change and improve old biomes
Ultra Jungle:
Original description: The Ultra Jungle is a large expansive jungle containing both regular trees as well as several larger trees in the shape of muscular beings flexing their upper torso and arms. These larger trees are either free standing or connected with vines the player can walk across. A river also winds between the connected trees. There is an active smoking volcano in the center of the map
- large trees connected by vines that can be walked and volcano:
biome structure: consists of jungle trees, large trees and volcano
block: large wood, large wood leaves, vine block, volcano rock

Ultra Forest:
Original description: The landscape of this world is that of a forest, with trees sprouting flowers resembling the world's Ultra Beast, Kartana. The leaves on the floor are rectangular and resemble paper. The ground appears to be sandy, resembling a Japanese rock garden. At the end of the area is a large rock where Kartana can be fought. On the first encounter, Kartana slashes the rock in two before battle.
- trees sprouting flowers
biome structure: consists of oaks, jungle trees and large rocks.
block: flowers (on tree trunks), leaf cover.

Ultra Desert:
Original description: Ultra Desert is a vast desert landscape filled with turquoise crystals and flowing sand. There are several rocky structures and monoliths scattered around the landscape as well as what appear to be small clusters of shrubs. There are several rocks that require Machamp Shove to move around, including one giant rock larger than any found in Alola. Mudsdale Gallop is also required for passing over some rocky terrain.
biome structure: consists of sand, flowing sands, turquoise crystals, rocks monoliths and clusters of shrubs
block: flowing sands, turquoise crystal, shrubs