By DiamondDX
#206380 I propose to redesign the battle and boss system


Old boss:
Simple boss:
- Do not drop Z-crystal
- Drop: held item, evolution item and rare candy
Mega boss:
- Do not drop Z-crystal
- Drop: mega stones, held item, evolution item and rare candy

New boss:
Totem boss (Alola analog):
- In battle can call for help
- Drop: Z crystal, other item + TM (rare)
Dynamax and Gigantomax (Galar analog):
- Drop: random candy aand berry + TR

(the system of raids is difficult to organize, so no raids)

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By SKy2008
#206381 There may or may not be plans for Dyna and Giga bosses already...
By proclarushtaonasat
#207129 I also hope for a new boss system, as well as an overhaul of the battle system in general.
Tripple battles, rotation battles, raid battles. Horde encounters.

sometimes wild pokemon fight each other, itd be nice if one could interrupt their battle and fight both in a double battle.

In the games, wild pokemon can sometimes call for help, itd be cool, if players could also join battles in progress, to help other players against bosses for example, (not allowed in trainer or player battles of course).
Since bosses have their level based on the strongest pokemon in the players team, it would be wise, to give the boss the ability to "power up" when a player with a stronger team joins the battle, to avoid exploits of a weak player challenging a boss, to make its level low, so stronger players can join in and cheese the encounter.

horde encounters in the games are 1v5. This was cause they already had a field layout for 3v3 battles, and just gave the 2 spots for partners to the opponent. this caused some display glitches, as moves, that only work on partner pokemon would highlight the enemies in the partner slots, even though it wouldnt work on them, and moves that hit all enemies wouldnt highlight the enemies in the partner slots even though itd still hit them.

It was kinda weird though, that you couldnt call out more pokemon in a horde encounter, 2v5 or 3v5 would sound less unfair, but i understand, that the limitations of the technology wouldnt allow it.

However in pixelmon, those limitations dont HAVE to apply: If the new battle system, that goes beyond double battles is designed the right way, it could handle, what the actual games cant. Design the field with more than 3 spaces on each side, even if the player cant use them, design the system that it could handle battles like that, if the field has 5 slots on each side, it would be possible to have 3v7 horde encounters.

With the way moves work (in a tripple battle, some moves used by pokemon on the left side, cant hit enemies on the far right side) the maximum number of enemy-pokemon would be the number of player pokemon +4, if the enemy field "wraps" around the player field.
in this case, moves with limited range from the middle player pokemon can hit the middle 3 enemies, while moves used by the left player pokemon can hit 4 enemies.

If a pokemon on either side dynamaxes, it is no longer considered part of that field and moves to a special zone in the back, where it can hit anyone on the field and be hit by anyone on the field
Depending on the number of other pokemon on the respective field, theyd need to rearange their position, so every pokemon is in a position to be attacked.
This would allow for a form of boss max raid battle, where the maxed pokemon has "minions", like remember the episode with the giant tentacruel attacking the city? This could be an quest based boss battle defeat 1 dynamaxed tentacruel, that has a party of tentacool as its minions, in a horde-max-raid battle.

Other boss battles variants could be multi raid battles against show and movie based match ups, like trying to break up the battle between Groudon and Kyogre from the 3rd generation, in a 6v2 battle, or fighting the 3 legendary birds in a 7v3 battle based on the second movie. Or a battle against the Entei from the third movie, which is supported by a horde of Unowns.

Or how about a max raid battle against movie Arceus? Arceus can change its form and type based on the plate its holding, but movie arceus was holding all the plates at once, which allowed it to change its type mid-battle, it would be a cool challenge, if a group of players could fight against an arceus, that can change its type each round, based on either the majority of attacks used by the players, or simply their strongest selected moves. Theres a pokemon game called "battrio" where they added two new types just for arceus: the full plate type, which gives arceus all 17 types and the 11-type plate, that gives arceus all types except for the ones used to create the jewel of life
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