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By Dopeaking
#207115 install winrar and a text editor (I use "visual studio code") open your

Pixelmon-1.12.2-8.1.2-universal.jar with winrar

navigate to \assets\pixelmon\spawning and look for BetterSpawnerConfig.json an open it with your text editor.

look for (ctrl+f to search) "seesSkyException" and "treeTop" and paste the below snippet at the bottom of each array [ code ]:


and then save and close. this should fix it, it worked for me.

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By XpanD
#207118 Please don't edit the .jar, we have external JSON options for this. You can enable the external Better Spawner file in the "pixelmon.hocon" config file, reload the game or server and then find an editable copy of this file in a "pixelmon" folder in the game/server's "config" folder. Keep in mind that enabled externals will not automatically update when the mod does, so you'll want to keep an eye on changelogs.

(good suggestion otherwise, though)