By SeanMcMuffin
#206404 Hello! I've been working on an open-world Pixelmon adventure map on and off for a few years now, and one of the biggest things that I've had to work around is how the level curve will work for fighting all eight gym leaders. As an open-world map, the player will be able to go wherever they want and fight whatever trainer they desire without any restrictions.

However, while there is a toggleable level scaling system built into boss trainers, it is very limited and could be more fleshed out to fully support this type of adventure map. My suggestion is an option for a trainer's team to be dependent on the number of badges inside a player's badge case.

This feature could be fully configurable with the ability to set eight different teams on a trainer, corresponding to the number of badges a player has. So, if for example, the player went up against one of these trainers with no badges in their case, the opposing team could only have a couple lower leveled Pokemon. But if you fought the trainer with seven badges in your case, the opposing team could consist of a full team of six with high levels. A fully customizable system like this, I believe, would be very helpful for mapmakers such as myself.

By SeanMcMuffin
#207481 Can I bump this? The map I've been working on with my team has been progressing smoothly since the last post, and so having a feature like this in Pixelmon would still be very much appreciated!

(And with Legends: Arceus on the horizon, I could see more mapmakers being inspired to create nonlinear Pixelmon creations in the future. So there's potential for more people to find value in a feature like this!)