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By CadeyNationttv
#207744 Hello and Welcome to The Kingdom of Light Pixelmon Server the Server is currently under development and a lot of effort is going into the builds.


I am in the earliest of stages of building a Pixelmon server for my Twitch people to join in on, i have done a spawn and I'm now working on the Safari Zone.

This is the general plan for the time being :

Building :
Safari Zone
Players Hub
Battle Arena
Cave Networks
A Subway System

And a whole lot more, i am looking for builders, gym leaders, administrators, operators, and a whole lot more,

You can catch me on every Monday to Friday developing the Server, here is where you can find the IP and join in on the stream and help shape the destiny of the server. feel free to join the discord.

Features and more information will be added into this post as time progresses.

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By CadeyNationttv
#207796 Time for an Update on The Development of The server - so far i have built a Laboratory which is going to be the Spawn, i am going to add an rpg element where you are given the luck of a draw when you choose your starter, Disabled will be the automatic choice of basic starter Pokémon E.G Cyndaquil.

Through the Powers of a Pixelmon Spawner i will give you the option to choose between 4 Random Base Pokémon whichever spawns first will be the starter you get, these can only be obtained when i am online.

Below is some pictures of The Outside and Inside of the spawn.

Again all Posts on this will be edited as time progresses. I will be adding a big list of contents and features that will be in the server.




My current Project is a Safari Zone which is going to be scattered with Caves, Ruins, Random patches of pokegrass and a whole lot more. I am trying to figure out how to potentially give you a time limit, or a limitation on Safari balls that you may use, because the safari area is so large i want you to explore all of it. More on this later.

For now if you want to offer any suggestions then drop a comment below, or Follow me on where i am developing the server Monday - Wednesday and offline, i also have a discord where you can join in on discussions and have a place to hang out.