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By ItzMudkip
#207820 I think its a cool server with a good community

By ItzMudkip
#207849 I think the Pokémon galaxy server is a nice, helpful, and small community it is a fun server to play on and I think more people should come and play it more often. I am having a lot of fun me and my friend love this server.
By WatchFox
#207871 I really like this server and i will suggest pixelmon players to play this server because its very helpful to new players and all players and its the best pixelmon server i ever played on
IGN: WatchFox
By WolfHaven
#207877 So far its been amazing community I really enjoy it and its been a wonderful first day
By UnknownNeko
#207879 Very friendly community! the events the admins host are really entertaining! would recommend to any player to join and have some fun!
IGN: UnknownNekoo
By Bugabuga8899
#207896 Hi I’m Bugabuga and I’ve been playing on the server for some time now and it’s amazing, the admins are so nice and the players are very helpful :angel:
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