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By Flarkinater
#207951 Currently if a server wants to use TMs from every generation, players must manage 757 different items, and plan around the fact that Gliscor can learn Earthquake from a gen 4-7 TM, but not gens 1-3 or gen 8. Gen 9 will eventually make this problem worse, when it presumably adds 100+ more TMs.
Even if a server only uses the gen 7 and 8 TMs (default settings), this problem can still exist on a smaller scale - lots of new Pokemon got access to new TMs in gen 8, and lots of Pokemon learn moves in gen 7 that they can't in gen 8 because they didn't make it into S&S. In either case, it's not intuitive for players to have to obtain a different item for the same move in order to use it.

I suggest that instead of having a different set of TMs for each generation, it should go back to being one TM per move name. When a player uses a TM on a Pokemon, it should teach the Pokemon the move IF the generation the Pokemon learns it in is enabled in the config.
Pixelmon.hocon would have options like "TM8movesets=true/false", "TM7movesets=true/false" etc. The stat jsons for each Pokemon would still have sections for tm8, tm7, etc.

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By Keilan
#208065 I agree. The multiple generation for TMs getting too tedious for storing them and finding the right ones. Also for the younger players they have way less hope for getting what they want too. It should be simple and not need additional explanation on use which the current system does.
By proclarushtaonasat
#208083 each game has its own list of tms, the numbering just being used in that particular game, for organisation-purposes. since pixelmon is basically its own game, it should either A: ditch the numbers completely, or B: use its own numbering system, independent of any of the numbers they have in the games.
Like how each pokemon has its national pokedex number, but also has its regional pokedex number. the numbers the tms have in the games are their regional numbers, while pixelmon should make a cross game national tm numbering system.

If we ditch the number system, things would be so much easier, just give each pokemon a pool of moves it can learn, and make 1 tm-item that can theoretically hold any move (change its color based on type). make a json file, that can be edited, and details which moves can be exist in tms period.