By FusionOfTheAces
#208512 Hi! I just wanna start by thanking you guys for adding the Ribbons feature at all. with the Marks and what not. Ribbons have been my favorite feature in the series for some time, as I think it adds a lot more Sentimental Value to your pokemon. After All, Ribbons are symbols of accomplishments you've completed with your pokemon that are permanently attached to the mon as you transfer them up.

With that said, I would like to suggest a few things you guys could do to make Ribbons Ultimate. starting with, I think it would be beneficial if you could let people edit the ribbons on a Pokémon with the Poke-editor tool. then I think it would be beneficial to make it as easy as possible for servers to implement their own ribbons on their servers for their own accomplishments and achievements you can do in facilities exclusive to each server. it would make experiences from server to server more unique for the players and make each pokemon stand out more as an individual.