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By Lukob96
#208514 I really like the cell/core method for getting Zygarde, it's a unique mechanic from the Gen 7 games. The problem is that as far as I'm aware (so correct me if I'm wrong) they only generate in new chunks. That means that on a lot of servers that are pre-generated with a world border they won't spawn or will be finite, so if those servers want Zygarde to be obtainable they have to add it back in to normal spawning.

To me that's a shame, so I'd love for the cells/cores to spawn in already generated chunks (rarely when holding the cube or something) so people who play on certain servers don't have to rely on a finite resource of chunks/be unable to use this method at all.

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By Tahlavos17
#208652 I can get behind this suggestion. I think that the Zygarde Cells / Cores should be in all discovered Chunks but hidden until the player obtains the Zygarde Cube to reveal themselves to the player.