By pratyekmeal6
#209377 After playing the boardgame 'Zombies' I liked the tiles mechanic it has, so after a time I decided to remake it in order to add a role-playing system.

Enemies changed quite a lot (inspired in zombies from l4d, dying light and even cod:aw) with different mechanics and loot (yes, now they have a chance to drop loot). I also added some bosses!

I improved the weapon system, as more there're different weapons to choose (well if you ever happen to get a hand on them) and other useful items to help moving across the city. vshare

The map itself has new tiles, and a complete underground lab players can also explore. I added some ambulances for med supplies, and safe zones to stay at night.

The action cards were changed to event cards, that get revealed once per round. It can be either good or bad, let's pray it's not a boss waiting for you.

Finally, some different characters and motivations, which can be escaping the city, finding a cure, finding the virus or even kill all the players.

The first round ended with a massive massacre at the lab were the assassin died (after taking 2 out of 3 players) and the survivor was infected... Quite a dramatic outcome. I'm hoping for a new run to test some of the changes and make the players face their last characters as new mutations on the lab!