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By EddyHg80
#189584 Hey guys! New version of the pack out!

-added team galactic, plasma, neoplasma armor
-added team galactic, plasma, neoplasma armor model
-remade tms and hms
-remade absorb bulb, aguav berry, big root, binding band, black belt, black glasses, black sludge


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By EddyHg80
#194216 Hey guys! I brought you a little update!

-remade TMs and HMs

1.10.2 / 1.8.9

Also guys I want to thank you so much for all the downloads! We are almost at 80.000 downloads combining the 1.10, the 1.7 and the original apricorn packs!
That is craaazy :D
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By EddyHg80
#204262 It's been a while since I posted something here, now that the forum is up again I can share that there is a new update! And yes, Z-crystals were added too ;)


P.S. I updated the changelog of all missing versions in the first post
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By EddyHg80
#204414 Hey guys! There's a new update!


-Fixed fishing rods
-Reworked mega stones
-recolored fossil display
-added all memory disks
-added mushrooms
-added nuggets
-added pearls
-added all relics
-added comet shard
-added pretty wing
-added star piece
-added stardust
-added strange souvenir
-added big malasada
-added V gen wings
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By EddyHg80
#209399 Hey guys, there's a new, pretty big update, didn't do everyhing new but for now it should be good enough.
Let me know if there are big broken stuff in some new guis that I missed.


-Updated inventory gui
-Added Aluminum block
-Added Amethyst block
-Added Ruby block
-Added Sapphyre block
-Added clear bell
-Added tidal bell
-Added sun stone ore overlay
-Added bolder block
-Added Max Mushroom
-Added Infuser block
-Added Infuser item
-Added Vending Machines
-Added PokeSpawner
-Added Slowpoke tail
-Added Eye of Lugia
-Added Dreab Ball
-Added Aluminum lid and base
-Added Mints
-Added Ice Stone and shard
-Added Wiki icon
-Added Oval charm
-Added Shiny charm
-Added chatching charm
-Added Dynamax band
-Added wishing star
-Added Keystone
-Remade rugs
-Remade umbrellas
-Remade fold tables
-Remade clothed table
-Remade Ranch Upgrade
-Remade Hourglasses
-Reworked clocks textures
-Reworked chair textures