By Kloni
#206297 Hello!
I've been a really huge Pixelmon Nerd for a really long time and together with my friends (playing on the private server) suggest if it could be possible to add a clause in which you can decide to allow Dynamax and Mega Evolution in the same time - I know it could be really broken, but I could be super fun in casual Pixelmon playthrough.

Hope you're having a good day! :D

By Scizith
#206367 Was just about to post this same thing lol. yeah a good way to go about it would just be a 1-in-all clause. A clause that allows dynamaxing, mega evolving, and z crystals, but still only 1 of each per team.
By proclarushtaonasat
#207113 Id like that too. I know its crazy, but Id also like the OPTIONal OPTION to remove the 1 per clause, in case someone wants to make a 6v6 dynamax all out.

Also an option to remove the need to equip Z-crystals and Megastones to the pokemon to allow mega pokemon to use Z moves.