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By CrownlessOcto
#209412 I think the pcs avaible arent enough space as some people might wanna do for a full living dex (include all forms) so maybe add 50 more boxes?

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By LordSamosa
#209418 The PC box limit can be increased/decreased in the config menu already. (Singleplayer = Hit the P button and go to General, Multiplayer = edit the pixelmon.hocon file and look for computerBoxes)
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By AydenAc
#209421 I know that individual players can change it right now, but considering almost every server leaves it on default, maybe an upgradable storage system would be good for the game? Keep the low default for file size, with an option for more for players that are searching for it. With the right balancing, I can't imagine anyone would be against it.